Some things don’t change.  Human trafficking continues despite COVID-19 raging.

Our Underground Railway shares here the “effects” of Coronavirus on their work – and asks for your help.

OUR work on despite COVID-19
The O.U.R. Ops Team continues to work in the COVID-19 environment, as warriors in a global pitched battle against child slavery.
What has been the effect of COVID-19 on their work? Are they in lockdown?
No. The only “difference” that Coronavirus has made to their work is that last week the madam of a brothel, believing the O.U.R. Operators to be paying customers, provided them with face masks and hand sanitizer before giving them access to unprotected children. 

If you are unfamiliar with the work OUR do, their mission is to rescue children from slavery.  The most horrific form of child slavery is sex slavery, but chattel slavery of children is very widespread, and the children are abused in many other ways also.

OUR report that last week in Southeast Asia, their Operators went undercover to a brothel suspected of selling children for sex.  They suspected that the sex trafficking continued despite the dangers of COVID-19 infection.
Their suspicions were verified when they discovered that the house madam was eager to provide small children to O.U.R. Operators.
Particularly sickening is that the madam, believing  the O.U.R. Operators to be paying customers, provided them with face masks and hand sanitizer before giving them access to the unprotected children.
At all times, long before Coronavirus began to be a threat, those poor children were  left vulnerable to atrocities that are arguably far more devastating than any virus could inflict.
O.U.R. Operators working alongside law enforcement were able to successfully free the children and they are now receiving proper care.
Human trafficking has not stopped during this time of pandemic. The O.U.R. team continues working around the clock all over the globe to protect the most innocent.
Would you like to help or to support this vital work during the COVID-19 pandemic? 
Two things you could do:
Creating a planned gift is a powerful way to make a lasting impact.  Leave a legacy with us that won’t cost you anything today!
Should you choose to include O.U.R. in your will, trust, or beneficiary designations, as a Thank You for your gift FreeWill will help you to create your will without making any charge.
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Protect Your Own Precious Children Online

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many are transitioning to online schooling and work. With increased screen time, it is an important time to talk with your kids about internet safety. 

Here are 5 essential resources to help you navigate these conversations:

Michelle Busch-Upwall, the Utah ICAC Task Force Education Specialist, shares important information about what grooming looks like online and how we can protect our children.
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You Can Learn More About OUR on YouTube

Stay Safe during the COVID-19 Lockdown - in every way!

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